5 Months of Weird

The basic storyline is that I volunteered as an English teacher in Voronezh for five months. And didn't do nearly as much blogging as I intended. But Russia has become a state of heart and mind, and maybe those are worth writing about too.



myth: packing is fun.

so this is just my little tester-post. somebody should reply just so i know what happens. yaaaaay, chloe's pretty much packed. so for all you people who've been asking me for six months whether or not i'm packed (well...if you asked six months ago i probably gave you a weird look, 'cause i hadn't even heard of this program), YES. resoundingly. except for the fancy clothes i'm wearing right now to go present to the lions club. yeesh. it's okay. i can do it.
so let's try pictures.

first picture, hopefully right here, is my russia bathrobe-coat, and my awesome pleather russia boots. :D coat was $20 at a tiny little vintage closet store in astoria. success. i panicked a bit when we got an email from 'olga' the russian person, telling us not to wait until we get there to get winter clothes. apparently we'll be sick before we can even get to an overpriced russian clothing store. the coat is nice and big and heavy, olga. rest easy.

phillips candies in seaside donated some taffy to my cause. thanks phillips! your candies and attitudes make the world just a little happier for me and some russian kids. and all your patrons. way to represent seaside. everyone should buy from them.

sometimes it seems like my whole life is spent packing and unpacking. i've been living out of my suitcase at home for the past month just to avoid this, but the suitcase i've been living out of is too big and scary, i think. 'the tank' but i'm all switched out now. ready to go. or at least my clothes are.

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  1. I think I got it so that your blog can have comments now...
    if so... then I love you, and I can't wait for another blog!